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​Dirty Rat * UF-13 Dark

L40 ~ Lancero​ * Ratzilla

Feral Flying Pig​ * #9

​Papas Fritas * T52​

"There are two things worth living for, one is a good cigar, the other is a better one".


Robert Caldwell is back, with 3 lines made in Dominican Republic Long Live The King, The King Is Dead & Eastern Standard. A every will crated brand and a must try.

After you select a great cigar from our humidor stocked with the largest and most interesting selection in the area...sit down and enjoy it with one of our many craft beers...and more. There's always something new so come in an see us!

Liga Privada Unico  #DE4L


NEW ~  Caldwell Cigars

Peterson pipes are among the finest in the world. Made by craftsmen in Ireland, we stock a wide selection of briar that will meet your particular taste. Come add to your collection! We also stock all the accessories you'll need plus our selection of premium pipe tobaccos is extensive.

Oliva Cigar Event - June 17th