"There are two things worth living for, one is a good cigar, the other is a better one".



NEW ~ MBombay

After you select a great cigar from our humidor stocked with the largest and most interesting selection in the area...sit down and enjoy it with one of our many craft beers...and more. There's always something new so come in an see us!

A truly boutique cigar, MBombay cigars represent the most admired cigar culture of Cuba. From selecting the best of the best quality of different tobaccos used for the aging process of the cigars, to being rolled by the most experienced cigar rollers in Costa Rica, giving them a unique smoking experience. The band for their cigars portray the most detail and artistic nature of our small industry. A must try solitary...

Peterson pipes are among the finest in the world. Made by craftsmen in Ireland, we stock

a wide selection of briar that will meet your 
particular taste. Come add to your collection! We also stock all the accessories you'll need plus our selection of premium pipe tobaccos is extensive.


Altadis Cigars ~ June 5th, Friday 

Oliva Cigars ~ August 7th, Friday

Rocky Patel ~ October 3rd, Saturday

Jericho Hills Shots are a new, limited release...only a few thousand boxes made...line of cigars from Crowned Head's. These premium cigars are rolled in the acclaimed My Father Cigars factory in Esteli. They're wrapped in a delicious dark maduro Mexican San Andres wrapper. Give them a try before they're gone...and ask us about the “Man in Black”.

Blended by Pete Johnson, and hand-crafted in Don Pepin's My Father factory in Nicaragua, both L'atelier & Surrogate are masterfully created to serve up unique and completely different experiences, each cigar shows up to the big stage well prepared. Dressed to impress, each L'Atelier comes cloaked in a bold new wrapper leaf known as 'Sancti Spiritus'

NEW ~ Surrogates / L'atelier

NEW ~ Jericho Hill Shots